A spot of rain this morning,


but we were back on the move regardless. The train track ran parallel with the canal for some distance, whilst the long, straight watercourse stretched for endless kilometres ahead of us.

The waterway was wider in this section and depths of two metres made for easy motoring and Bob loved the new helm position.

Fields were covered in beer barrel shaped bales of hay readied for the winter months ahead.

and some interesting sights caught our eyes.

Except for a short lunch break just prior to the lock at le Noble, there were no stops this day. A short walk to stretch the legs and it was time for the lock to reopen after the long lunch break.

In we went, with plenty of time for a confab.

One of the lock keeper’s homes shaded by trees and vines looked invitingly cool.

The Rosa – upon which Rick Stein had ventured – passed us by as did interesting sites.

In places, new trees had replaced the disease ridden flame trees.

and Gratis’ wake sent the banks awash.

Steam billowed from the nuclear power station

and we were amazed at how close to settlements it was situated.

And so the day passed by,

until at last our night’s mooring was attained. Shading trees shielded us from the heat of the scorching sun and late afternoon upon us, it was time for an explore of Valance d-Argen.

Quaint pigeon homes were nestled in back yards

and the old abattoir had become the shower and toilet block for the campers: some of the equipment once used was on show,

whilst out back old conveyances and flora decorated the landscape.

A short distance really by road from our starting point.

Time for a quick photo shoot on the bridge before heading on.

This was another well cared for town with some interesting sites.

In particular, we loved the statues, fountain and market square.

The old Roman baths were an especial treat to view.

and the boys patiently waited whilst we girls roamed the shops.