A bit of a laugh yesterday.

Out happily ‘fishing’, a 20 knot gust of wind decided to grab hold of the line as I threw it outwards from Gratis.

I was brought up short as a massive tug lifted the rod, attempting to snatch it from my hands.

Looking round, my eyes followed the trail of the line sternwards and up…..

Uh Ohhhhh!!!! No fish ensnared, just the line tangled in the rapidly spinning wind generator and more quickly following on the same pathway.

With Bob in the pilot house, I yelled out for him to shut off the wind gen switch. Wind vane almost motionless now, as Bob exited through the companionway door, I looked at him, then pointed upward.

His eyes following my hand movement to the tangled mess of line, ‘How did you do that?’ was the only reply. A massive sigh emanated from deep in his chest, as I informed him the wind had clutched it in its claws.

Ever patient, and much use to my inadvertent escapades causing distractions, up onto the solar panels he clambered, whilst I went to hunt for a pair of scissors.

A good half hour later, with the use of knife and long nose tweezers, the wind gen was free to spin once more……..