The plan today?

A visit to the Molen Van Sloten en Kuiperijmuseum.

Where the hours went, we shall never know!

Morning departure was the earliest, yet. We paused on occasion, as I attempted to procure that perfect shot of the timid blue heron.

What are you looking at, says he!

A stop here and there to look at a few electrical bikes and the lunch hour was rapidly upon us.

Hard Rock Café was the place of choice for sustenance. Gluten free provided, what a difficult decision to make upon being handed a separate menu in which various dishes were listed! Pulled pork salad sandwich, coleslaw and potato chips: I had died and gone to heaven!

Lunch behind us, it was time for the museum. Into Little G2 Bob and I clambered, and off she motored.

Plenty of white ducks brightened the waters.

More awesome architecture.

Past the flower market

and one of the taxi stops

Arriving at the mooring point and the dinghy tied, off we walked toward the destination highlighted on the map. The closer we two drew, with no mills in sight (but there was a railway station), the more I came to realise a clanger had been pulled. The place number of interest highlighted on the map was pointing the tourist to the tram for a short journey to the museum – a point I had sadly missed.

No problem there, we assumed. Just catch the tram, but not so easy when attempting to decipher the ticketing end. Into the ticket office the both of us trod. Twenty minutes or so later, time rapidly passing, we still waited as a couple attempted to have a problem solved and, despite the line – up, the remaining staff member continued counting and organising tickets.

Around we turned, and Plan C was formulated. Why didn’t we think of it before? Head to the doorstep in Little G! Back in Bob and I tumbled, engine on and off she rumbled. All going well, round the first bend went we………….

A set of padlocked gates blocking the waterway stopped us right in our path! Oops, down the gurgler went Plan C!

Now for Plan D!!!!

Late in the day, the museum deferred, back to the canal exploration went three.

It’s amazing how many tree – lined sections one comes across

and we loved this. The Dutch have a good sense of humour.