This was market day!

First off, the Dappermarkt. Other than for a few food stalls that served foods not usually found in these markets, it didn’t hold our interest, so on we dinghied.

The Noordermarkt, now that was worth the effort!

A wide variety of healthy fresh bio foods, numerous cheese stalls – one of which served all varieties of sheep products, honey, meats and more. In addition to this was the array of the merchandise stalls, and these weren’t all selling the regular cheap and nasty. Once again, an interesting variety.

Right alongside were the cafes and restaurants. Our pick, the ‘Noordwest Café Restaurant’. Although not a large menu, it had enough variety on offer to not be the typical fanfare and gluten free was catered for.

For Bob a pulled pork open sandwich, and myself salmon, both a – topped with delicious greens. Fresh food, beautifully presented and a perfect portion size to not overfill. Let’s just say, we both really enjoyed lunch!

Food finished, time for an icecream stop!

Uitmarkt, a yearly cultural event

An interesting outfit.