An interesting day. I arrived home after a physio to discover an exceptionally unhappy Bob with his head hidden behind the lid of the steps situated between the pilot house and galley, and containers flying left, right and centre.

With him muttering aplenty, it didn’t take long for the reason of such disgruntled mutterings to become apparent. Upon opening the step in order to fix the leak in the water pipes, he discovered the area not only awash in water.

A bevy of ants had somehow made its way on board (with no sign of the wanderers out on deck, the ‘how’ remains a mystery). Finding a delightfully dark place situated beneath the food containers they had set about setting up hearth and home.

With me now assisting with the removal of containers to the sink, the smoke steaming from Bob’s ears gradually dissipated as he calmed.

The area empty, out came the fly spray. Let’s just say, the ants weren’t in this world much longer. A quick walk into town to purchase the Ant Rid, which is now in place, and all is calm once more. Lesson learnt: when one sees an ant or two inside, don’t brush the sight of it off as a visitor taking a ride on one’s clothes.

GET OUT THE FLY SPRAY AND GO SEARCHING!!!!!! From now on, there will always be a supply on Ant Rid on board!