A trip becoming acquainted with the outer region of Ōtorohanga was the day’s agenda.

First destination was the delightful Aranui Cave region, named for the Maori, Ruruku Aranui, who discovered this beauty.

If fortunate, you might even sight the grasshopper like Wetta, or if dark enough the glow worms that live throughout.

We didn’t undertake the tour of the cave, but partook in the free scenic stroll, which was a delight.

We sighted people exiting a cave experience.

Time for a pic, compliments of Robyn.

Keep an eye out for the miniature inhabitants.

An occasional head duck was required.

View from the inside.

A little further on, a few steps took us down into what had once been a cave.

A lookout hung out over the river rushing through at the base.

Mangopohue Bridge, part of the Waitomo Cave system, was our second stop of the day. A board walk led us through the darkened rainforest to the massive limestone gorge where a river runs below

and one can peer up to view the 17 metre high arch, once part of an ancient cave.

A short drive further on was the path that led us on a short downward track to the Marokopa Falls.

Time for a group shot, complements of a nearby fellow tourist.

A trip to the coast finished off a perfect day.

We loved this.