A short 5nm motor up river took us to Bègles on this morning.

Bordeaux, with its centuries old buildings, viewed from the river was an awe inspiring sight to one visiting for the first time.

Excitement for the morning occurred upon entering the marina. At no time had we read or been informed that upon departing Pauillac, mooring on the outside of the pontoon was a requirement for visiting boats and we soon discovered the reason why.

Espying what appeared to be a wide open mooring space, in motored Bob. Half way in, we out upon the decks realised that with no cleats visible, it was not to be. With room enough, in a split second decision Bob commenced turning Big G – not a good choice we soon discovered, as the tidal power of the waters caused Gratis to commence a sideways glide that no amount of engine could overcome, towards the boats upon their moorings.

Within seconds, she was soon resting upon her new ‘mooring’, an anchor upon a neighbouring motor boat hooked between the gunnels and gas bottle, and a wheel of little G2’s caught between the rails on said boat.

A shifter and hammer to remove the wheel’s nuts and ropes untied to free the anchor the gas bottle: with an assist from the Capitainerie’s small boat, Big G was once more free and motored to the outside of the marina upon which she was rapidly tied.