A three and a half hour drive through lush green countryside, where large pools of water from the last of the March rains still lay, brought us to the outskirts of Brisbane.

Our track led us through the exquisitely beautiful region of the Darling Downs and Great Dividing Range.

A mix of endless paddocks and forest covered the countryside.

A few goats, emus, horses, cattle and a lone kangaroo late to bed were the animals of the day.

It was with anticipation that we arrived at our destination to once more meet with Tony and Fay and collect the caravan.

Lunch, then ot was time for hook up. Here, the first of our possible issues was confirmed. The tow bar was far too low. The van hitched to Fay and Tony’s 4WD, of we drove to the service centre at Kratzmann Caravans (www.kratzmann.com.au).

During our search for a van, the salesman had impressed us, and the staff of the service centre proved just as knowledgeable.

The new tow bar attached, it was time to rest the lights. No go as the connections refused to work.

Leaving the van at the yard for the night, it was time to find accommodation for the night and sort out the electrics on the morn.

Goodbyes and thanksyous to Tony and Fay said, into Brisbane city centre we headed. With a reasonable price tag, the Great Southern Hotel,(http://greatsouthernhotel.com.au/great-southern-hotel-brisbane/), had parking, a comfortable bed, a newly renovated bathroom, and plenty of pillows to choose from. Add to the list a much required kettle, in addition to an ironing table, and hair dryer: we had more than the basics.