A morning trip to the Saturday fresh food market, a visit to the newsagent where we purchased a recipe book for you Shirley, a history on Carcassone and a copy of the French road directory – a must since we shall be spending so much time here over the next few years.

Except for epoxying, Bob has completed the finishing touches around our new stove. For myself, the hours were spent re – watching the last of Rick Stein’s French Odyssey, and commencing the organisation of our road trips for next week.

A new page ‘Learning a New Language’ has been added. It is always handy to have an understanding of some basic vocab and sentences when visiting a non – English speaking country. Wanting a greater understanding of the German language, and to eventually pick up a smattering of Polish, a bit of searching had me finding what I believe is a great, simple programme. Here is the link:



Interesting sight of the day: a barge exiting the lock, a mini tied upon the stern.