We experienced a rare day of exquisite sunshine as we explored the  canals in and around Leeuwarden in Little G2.

Narrow canals with low bridges

and their  rounded arches – beneath a few, were once signs of once used entrances –

and where the occasional waterlily was to be found.

Out of the town centre onto the wide outer canals, the banks of which were lined bumper to bumper with aged Bells.

In some cases, it was a matter of going a little closer for another look.

It wasn’t long before we motored into the suburbs where even lower bridges had us bending over double.

Here there were sections where more houseboats aligned the banks.

Wood posts were the perfect spot for a seed to take hold,

and as always, there was an interesting building design to sight.

Then came the Grebes!

What really drew our attention was the sight of this mama carrying her bubs.

Suddenly, another head popped up!!

Then there was movement at the station!

Kerplop!!!!! No gracefulness about this dismount as the mama shook them off.

Wait! Not two, but three…..

A bit of a shake to settle the feathers.

Are they all there?

A bit of a feed later, the little ‘uns had had enough and it was time to remount.

There was nothing elegant about this. Number one found its berth with relative ease,

but number two had a fall or two.

Number three had no hope,

and off swam Mum, leaving the third racing behind.

Where was Papa all this time?

Off having a feed!

The fun at an end, off Bob motored once more.

You aren’t in the Netherlands if you don’t espy at least one windmill a day.

A few geese maintained an eye on us, as we motored past their chosen roost

and came across these men carrying out some dredging.

whilst a little further on discovered this was novel way to fish!

Then on to the lakes went we. Here a group of children were learning to sail.

Those in the larger boats went past first,

to be followed soon after by the smaller one man craft.

In a section where quicksand was to be found,

several birds resting on their laurels provided more entertainment

as they took to the sky

whilst the gulls looked on.

These oyster catchers played at a game of ‘Musical Rocks’

This cute little fella was rather shy.

At day’s end, this wooden home drew us in for a closer look:

this model ship was just one of the many decorative adornments.

In all, it was a perfect day!