What a night!!!

Pummelled by squalls racing in from left right and centre, bringing with them gusts of up to 36 knots. Neptune attempted to throw his best at us as his seas continued to build, and belongings crashed and rattled, whilst cracks as loud as Thor’s almighty roar reverberated throughout the yacht.

Little sleep for either of us, how typical of the tropics!!!!

Sunrise, storms’ power exhausted, winds decreased by more than half, I was reminded of the music, ‘Morning

’ from Edward Grieg’s ‘Peer Gynt Suite’, as a calming peace extended out across the seas and Apollo attempted to break his way through the rapidly morphing clouds as they altered from the moody grey black – the result of the cold front – to the fluffy white billowers that indicated the high was on its way.

With the power of the waves hitting the boat, if not under enough speed to match that of the waters, it meant more hits and less control. Therefore, with daylight upon us and conditions greatly settled, the Gennie was soon ballooning out in her full glory on the port side, thereby assisting the staysail in stabilising Gratis and increasing her speed.

It was a day spent taking turns dozing and reading, making up for lost sleep.


High Seas Cooking Recipe


Use minimal dishes

Wash immediately after each use

Non – slip matting a must


Balance body legs apart, slightly bent upon the knee,

Dance left, then right: doing the Boo – gie.

Lay out the plates,

And leave to fate.

Add knives and forks,

Then do a two step back and forth.


Lean back, lean forth,

Do the Lambeth Walk.


Food removed from the cool

Move in a three step, don’t be a fool.

Light the gas, now hold on tight,

Lock in the frying pan, do the Saraband.


Lean back, lean forth,

Do the Lambeth Walk.


In goes the food, slide, slide,

Give it a turn, perform the jive.

Race upstairs, breathe some air,

Head below, turn off the stove.


Lean back, lean forth,

Do the Lambeth Walk.


Dancing the strathspey,

Lay food on plate.

Goods held tight, the Jitterbug

Sees you above.


A final polka across the floor,

No more, no more!!

No more, No more!!