08:40 and we were now parallel with North West Cape, Australia.

As a rain squall passed across the bow some distance ahead, Bob steered a course to the west in order to avoid confrontation.

The sea temperature had risen to 25.5 degrees: what a difference to the 17 degrees in Carnarvon. With the warmer air, our woollies were packed away since they wouldn’t be required for some time to come.

Mid – morning, Gratis was 350nm from our departure point. Inch by inch, the miles were being devoured.

Still awaiting the predicted wind change!!!!! With what breeze there was continually backing the sails, for a short while Bob helmed in order to find the best sailing angle. Nothing like those fluky breezes to bring his frustration to the fore.

By 11:30 the showers had passed. With the barometer on the rise once more it was 28 degrees in the pilot house, whilst the seas were the calmest to date. Gently rolling swells streamed beneath the hull, the waters sparkled and shimmered like effervescence as the sun finally broke through.

Mid – day, and the long awaited wind change finally materialised. Coming in just off the port bow, we moved the staysail across to starboard.

An hour later the wind had strengthened and moved to such a degree it was time to set the main and Gennie for a beam reach. It wasn’t long and the mammoth was winched up the mast. At last, peace, as the engine was put into slumber once more.

Within minutes of being indoors, it was with disbelief that our longed for rest came to an abrupt end. Winds swiftly increased to 22 knots from behind as a further wind shift occurred. Out we intrepid cruisers traipsed for yet another sail change!!!!!

SO NOT HAPPY, JAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!