0800, 305.5nm remaining of the journey: a Tuesday morning arrival was imminent at this stage.

Seas were still 1½ – 2 metres, with minute amounts of white foam atop in places. In order to make the ride smoother, Bob altered the course to a heading of SW across the southerly swells, thereby placing the SE sets behind. As the sun beamed down upon us, conditions were at last more comfortable.

More misty showers, temperature 28°, whilst that of the water had risen to 27.5°. Eat your heart out South Australia!!!!!

Murphy’s Law came into play time and again. As each shower edged its way across our pathway, one element or another always altered, be it wind or sea, thereby sending us outside to work. Although way below in the southern clime, a savage cold front edging its way eastwards could still relay its intent through to us.

Out of the blue, late afternoon on this day saw the winds rapidly increase to beyond 20 knots once more. Gennie again reefed, seas gradually rose to heights of 3 metres – small in comparison to the 8 metre breakers experienced in the Bight last year – as the blow increased to 32 knot wind gusts: by this time the foresail had been tucked away and the staysail set. For this storm’s arrival we had prior knowledge: we were ready and waiting!!

Safely snuggled inside of Big G, it was a matter of waiting for the blow to pass.