Time against us since a train station had to be within reach for Jamie who was soon to depart, Montisgard was passed by until next time, as a hard half day motor pushed us ever closer to Castelnaudary.

This was the day we were introduced to the round locks.

No currents on the outside, but enough swirling underwater eddies to affect Gratis as she entered.

Thank goodness for the two new fenders, as first the bow hit, only to be bounced off the wall by one fender and repeat her effort on the port side. Big G had never been so walloped about as she had on this trip. Canal motoring was certainly much more difficult than undertaking an ocean leg.


In between the excitement, pleasant relaxing interludes took place.


stood upon the banks watching the boats pass them by.

More round locks were encountered, without the excitement experienced at the first.