We remained moored in Cochem today. The town was far too interesting not to.

The town itself:

We delighted in the statues.

This one showed true use of imagination:

A ride in a cable car took us up the steep hillside and a short walk

provided a fantastic view of both the Reichsburg Castle

and Mosel Valley.

We could even see Gratis.

Constructed in about 1000AD, Reichsburg Castle is situated upon a hillside 100m above the town of Cochem, Germany. The fates and fortunes of the township and its castle were intertwined over the centuries as times of affluence, plagues, war and drought were experienced.

Time and again, the people rebuilt their castle and town, thereby preserving the integral components that have made the town what it is today. No matter where one’s eyes look, the Reichsburg has remained a constant as it continues to tower over the settlement from its perch upon the hillside.

Down the hillside once more, a short bus ride up to the castle and through the portcullis

and we were inside the castle walls at last.

Fully furnished, this castle is well worth a visit.

Outside once more, there were a few more details to see.

Making the decision not to wait for the bus on our return journey down the mountainside, Bob and I discovered just how difficult undertaking an attack would have been.


A page on the castle itself. Well worth a read!