At last!!!!!!! The wind abated to such an extent it was finally possible to manage some quality sleep and cook a meal: Fried Rice. YUM!!!!!!!!


Afternoon, winds abated, Gennie poled once more. Easy one may think, but not on this occasion, of course.

Just settled down in the pilot house, a loud thwang emitted from outdoors, whilst the sail simultaneously commenced wildly flapping in the breeze. The wretched pole’s  release had activated and the sheet went flying!

Hastening out, the sail was rapidly refurled, pole reattached and sail reset.

Would you believe it! Within seconds – neither of us had a chance to make it to the cockpit – the pole sprung loose for a second time.

This meant a swap of poles:

Gennie furled. Pole released and lowered. Support lines removed, followed by pole lifted and repositioned on deck.

The procedure was repeated with the port side pole, which was then shifted to starboard: support lines attached, Gennie sheet connected and pole swung out. Finally the sail flew once more.

This process completed, the culprit was at last moved and stowed upon the port side until such time as Bob felt energetic enough to repair a worn spring.