Most difficult to believe seven days had passed since our departure from Cocos.

What a night!!! Winds gusting to 27 knots. After three days of side on swells and waves, we were tired of its monotony!

By the afternoon, the winds had at last abated to such an extent to make it was possible to undertake some maintenance.

When furling the staysail, the furling line had unravelled loosely and bunched in places around the drum. It was inevitable that when it came time to unfurl the sail, there was a possibility of the furler jamming: not a good thing if hit by sudden squalls and having to set this heavy weather sail.

Opening the furling line clutch and pulling the rope free all the way to the bow, the sail’s sheet was released in short bursts, making it possible for Bob to loosen and reorganise the loosely wound line around the drum. It wasn’t long before the issue was rectified.