This was another day without exploration for Bob and I, as we all slept late and it was midday before the four of us disembarked Gratis.

To our right was a small marina in which a massive motor yacht some how moored.

Time rapidly passing us by, our objective is to arrive in France for our next canal odyssey sooner rather than later.

Bob forgot his passport which is required when acquiring a sim card for the phone and returned to Big G.

I made good use of the time whilst waiting.

See if you can find the crab.

Tiny vehicles like this are found all over Italy and Greece.

After a visit to the phone company, ‘Wind’, where a sim card was purchased so we could continue keeping watch on the weather, the two of us were ambling down a narrow alleyway – just off the main square – enjoying the ambience of the atmosphere, when a tantalising fragrance that beckoned the senses wafted through the open doorway and windows of a tiny restaurant.

Coming to a halt, we back tracked the few metres and entered. One of the owners created an atmosphere that was warm and welcoming as he approached then led us to a table. At Bob’s query regarding wheat free, the gentleman proceeded to lead us to a variety of hot ready to eat food was displayed and set the mouth salivating: of the eleven dishes, only two were off limits. A shared plate containing stuffed capsicum, mixed vegetables, rice and spinach, fava beans, and tender pork that melted in the mouth were our choice of the day. Each providing their own special flavour and sauces, the taste buds lept for joy. What a delightful find!

The business card:

Late afternoon, travel log stamped by the authorities, we up anchored and motored the short distance to the tiny fishing port of Petriti.

Yachts anchored in the bay, rocks decorated and appearing to be a wreck, olive groves, fishing boats heading out, people bathing and families searching for hidden treasures upon the beach.

Dinghying ashore we entered the fishing port itself, where larger yachts too were moored.

The double master had a gorgeous figurehead.

Gratis from a distance looked beautiful.

Upon the jetty a husband sat pondering whilst his wife patiently fished and

cats patiently awaited a tasty morsel as the fishing boats returned.

Evening nibbles were enjoyed in the Leonides Tavern

run by Vassillis and Effie. More culinary delights tantalised the taste buds as a variety of dips, home – made bread grilled cheese and fresh potato chips were slowly savoured.

Earlier, upon entry to the cove, what appeared to be a line of floats turned out to be seagulls resting upon the waters. Whilst we dined, a deep horn blared numerous times and the captain impatiently waited for this missing crewman.

Mooring lines untied, the boat turned on a dime in such a miniscule area, or did it?

Job done, the connecting line was allowed to run out and the tiny boat was towed behind as the fishing trawler departed the tiny harbour.


Taking to the air en mass, the birds circled the vessel in a cloud of white: they had been awaiting the boat all that time.

Back on shore, those cats had moved and were now outside the restaurant’s window.