This particular morning saw us heading south east of Walcha to Werrikimbe National Park. Yet another World Heritage destination, there were plenty of walks of all levels available.

Werrikimbe is a true 4wd section and was a wonder to behold.

With camping, picnicking spots and 4wd tracks there was much available for those with the time at their hands. As with all our travels during these few weeks, this was just a day’s explore to get a lay of the land. The hours that ensued brought home to us the requirement of a camp rig in order to truly do justice in gaining full enjoyment of the more rugged and difficult to get to places.

As with much of this mountain range, the forest formed part of the Gondwana Forests. Rainforests, eucalypts, waterfalls, rivers, lyrebirds robins and sooty owls could be found here if one had the time.

First stop was the Mooraback Camping area.

There was plenty of information made available:

including that about the first peoples.

Here we partook in a short amble.

As the day wore on, the tracks led us to the edge of the Cottan – Bimbang National Park. Although there was no time to continue on in, this section of forest is perfect for car excursions.

Cottan – Bimbang  (meaning ‘Walking stick palm’ )was once part of the State Forest, but the adding of it to the World Heritage Section  is currently being considered. We look forward to eventually visiting this section in order to sight the parma wallaby and other animals.