Drongengoedbos was created when the monks of the nearby Drongen abbey decided to set aside the area for the sole purpose of forestry – hence the wood’s name.

Sections of the enclosure and buildings constructed for the monks who worked there still exist today. A small café/restaurant has been opened in here and the quiet hum of voices greeted us upon our arrival. By the number of bikes, it appeared to be the perfect place for the cyclist to spend luncheon.

At the right time of year, there are even some critters to espy.

Although bike paths were few within the main section of wood itself, Bob and I still totally enjoyed this day’s ride. Long distance rides that take the cyclist through the many small towns found on the edge of the forest are the go for the rider, and to do this you really have to stay close by: not the 20km we pedalled from Brugge. For the walkers, its crisscrossing pathways provide the perfect location for a day’s meandering.