Having arrived in Port Elizabeth early that morning, the ensuing evening saw an unpredicted strong westerly blow: what a relief to know we were not thrumming into the waves and swell.

This was a time where, unable to purchase an ali whisker pole of the right thickness and weight, a second much stronger piece of wood was purchased. Bob thinking outside of the square, shaped this one so that we now had a telescoping pole which would provide one with the correct dimensions for the stay sail. Completed at last, Bob brought it on board, whilst I looked askance upon the narrow flexing strip as he did so. Mentally, I queried how long this replacement would last.

There was no time for exploring the surrounds of Port Elizabeth, however on face value the town appeared more profitable than Durban and Richards Bay. As a port, it was clear of filthy flotsam floating within the harbour, whilst streets and shops were clean and litter free. In season, humpback whales had been known to enter the marina itself.