What more could an explorer want than a sunny, warm summer’s day, what more could one ask for when planning a cycle across the heathlands of Germany to the inland waters of Grosser Meer. With a depth of one metre, surrounded by meadowlands and edged with tall reeds, this lake provides the right breeding conditions for the bird and animal life.

A quick stop at the Kesselschleuse as we caught sight of this unusual craft.

The operator was actually levelling the waters and it was now that we saw where its name of ‘boiler’ came from as they burbled and boiled in the round section.

On we cycled, along the peaceful Ems – Jade (pronounced ‘yarda’) Kanal,

and like yesterday in Little G2, we soon found ourselves surrounded by farming country that was interspersed with heathlands and bogs, and geese in numbers one couldn’t count.

Good backyard steps up to the canal.

Across a small channel in a hand operated punt.

Bob had some fun.

View to the starboard

and Terry totally relaxing

as we approached the opposite bank

in order to continue on the journey.