Breakfast completed, we loaded Little G2 with a picnic lunch and camera kit. Heading westward we explored the shoreline. With frequent showers falling, it sadly meant my D700 had to remain in the case and I had to be happy using the 1AW1.

From the water it is possible to see how rugged Rodrigues is: volcanic rock, evidence of the forces that assisted in the formation of the land we have so enjoyed visiting.


Peaceful green landscapes upon which sheep, goats, cows and hens grazed.

The conditions were perfect.

Locals fished,


or sailed.

Bob was lookout

as we maneouvred around rocks into shore,


whereupon he rested, whilst I jumped ashore.

Flowers grew between the rocks, some falling in cascades.

Rocky hillsides towered above us

whilst canoes nestled upon the banks.

Waters were inch by inch eroding the shoreline.

Tiny fish propelled themselves through the air in fear as Little G2 disturbed their peaceful habitat, with one fella even landing on board.

Tiny huts dotted the shoreline where

farm birds pecked and

goats clambered or grazed.


A perfect moon lit night brought the day to an end.