This was it! With only days remaining our excursion to the southern end of the lagoon finally took place.

With the waters extremely shallow, Little G was required for the day.

Working our way through the myriad of channels, we island hopped into the southern most region of the lagoon.

At times, the Indian Ocean was visible from a distance.

The myriad of colours within the water was amazing.

Eventually, the water shallowed to such an extent that it was time to disembark and tread through the shallows.

Shells and driftwood lay here and there.

We occasionally stumbled upon dwellings,

even a toilet and well.

Sometimes, a flower or two provided a splash of colour against the greens.

Amongst fallen ali rooves, an occasional coconut crab could be found,

whilst this fella hid within the rocky shoreline.

Bob went in search of fish for tea: no luck!! The waters had been wiped clean.