A late start followed by a long, but relaxed, day of 67km as our hoped for stop came and went.

Excitement? Yes. A wasp, a good 1½ inch in size buzzed through the door. From its markings, all screamed ‘European Wasp’. If it was, this was the biggest we have ever come I contact with. A glass over the top, card inserted between it and the window, and out the creature went!

Three locks and we crossed the Elbe on the aqueduct once again.

This little fella entertained us as he hunted insects at one of the locks.

A few shots for the bird lovers who want to try and identify him. Unfortunately, to get better shots, the 800mm was required and being on the boat wasn’t conducive.

Bypassed as a result of canal works last year, we attempted to once more visit Haldensleben.

Although the works were completed, it was not a welcoming frontage to the town. The pleasure boat mooring was a good kilometre prior to the town; the boat club had small moorings on the inside, with no outer moorings provided for guests on its outer frontage; and the only other mooring possibility for boats close by, was an area reserved for a non – existent boat, we discovered after a gentleman came up and, without an ‘hello’, informed us we had to move over the other side.

Let’s just say that we are not bothering to visit Haldensleben again. An hour or so futher on Bob pulled Gratis up outside the tiny town of Bulstringen.

Wind and cloud all day, our mooring completed, with a click of the fingers, the sky rapidly cleared, wind dropped and the sun shone: it boded well.

What a difference here! Smiles and friendly ‘hellos’ as Bob and I ambled along the peaceful streets of this beautifully kept old farming village.

With a guest house in the township and plenty to see in the surrounds, we would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a peaceful break.