Bob and I travelled to Padangbai and caught Eka Jaya 23 to Bali Air yesterday. A great ride in the largest of the fast ferries – click the link for details.

Found fantastic accomodation at Ky Gunaya Villa. Brand new and beautifully set up. Large rooms cater for bigger families and the price is fantastic. Can have meals prepared here, or go to the Chill Out cafe/restaurant. Love it!!

Some pics taken with the ‘pad’. Not the best, but give an idea. Came without Big Mama this time.

We loved the bed.

The island is very different to Bali.

No petrol run vehicles: horse and cart,

walking, and bicycle are the mode of transport.

This fella waited patiently whilst the farrier replaced his shoes.

PEACEFUL is the word.

At breakfast one morning,

we had the fortune to view this critter mozying beneath the lounges. He took off like a shot on catching sight of guess who.

One of the highlights was watching the men pull this wooden boat upon the shore so as to carry out cleaning and repairs. No large equipment here to help out, but the teamwork was fantastic to watch.