After months of searching Bob at last found them!!!

Two good second hand e bikes with a reasonable price tag at ‘De Groene Tweewieler’, a bike shop that deals specifically with e – bikes in Haarlem (new and second hand). The friendly salesmen couldn’t have been more helpful and we highly recommend them if you are looking.

Papentorenvest 24, Haarlem


How easy the cycling life and exploration will be with our new beauties.

Loaded on board, it was time to depart this beautiful town.

Something different to see as we passed through Haarlem.

Lovely homes.

A beautiful windmill or two.

This was a Paltrock: named after the tail coats worn by the Mennonites, since it resembled them in structure, it was originally known as the Palz – rock. Over time, the name altered to that which is in use today. Unlike most mills, where the sails are turned into the wind, this particular variety sees the full structure rotated. The Paltrock is a saw mill and only the windward side is enclosed.

We were actually quite fortunate to see it, as there are now only four in existence.

For a second, this appeared to be a castle.

A work barge loaded down.

This was a different sight!

For the bird lovers, maybe you can tell us what this bird is. We saw them in quite large numbers at one stage.

(P.S. Many thanks to Tine for letting us know the name of these little fellas. The Dutch call them ‘kievits’ and the English translation is the ‘lapwing’.)


kievit. Translation to English is lapwingAs always, the countryside was exquisite.

Just prior to journey’s end for the day, this sight appeared from ahead.

A little closer, and you discover it is someone’s house.

Then, not just one barge, but two.

A few hours, several bridges, and 18km later, Gratis was moored on the outskirts of Lisse.

We are the land of the tulip now and look forward to next spring when we venture back this way to view the colourful array.