Clouds cleared for the first time in three days. Sun and a bit of warmth at last – until the rain arrived, that was! (sorry, but no pics)

After the exquisite tiny villages, Hannover with its crowds and modern feel didn’t really appeal to our senses.

It was interesting to observe that whereas twenty odd years ago, it was practically impossible to find traditional clothing shops, a full turn around has taken place. Oktoberfest is creeping closer at a rapid pace, and today the clothing is to be found in even the cheaper department retail stores.

Another milestone was gained as the Weser was crossed:- 62km in all for the day. Approximately 290km remain until we arrive in the Berlin suburb of Spandau.


Delights for the day:

Morning, upon a small converted tug behind, a lady with accordion in hand perched upon the bow, playing a well – known German tune. Loved it.

African man painting sections of a barge whilst bopping along to his favourite tunes.