How packed and long are our days, and what days are they!!

A short trip along the canals brought us to to the

bucket list item of the day: the Het Schipvaartmuseum.

The royal barge built for the first king of the kingdom of the Netherlands in 1815 was exquisite.

There was plenty to see in the massive replica of the old sailing ship.

Guess who managed to grab a catnap!

The old table set up.

The helm was gigantic!

We loved the whale tail.

The time we spent there – a total of 4 hours – says it all, we think.

To glean more of an idea, the web link is the way to go!


In Little G2 once more, there was plenty to see from the water.

Some of the bridges had quite detailed sculpturing.

The buildings were beautiful.

The afternoon was spent wandering the Waterloopein flea market that is open from Monday to Saturday. What a buzz! We found a fantastic little Italian food stall. You know it’s good when you don’t hear a peep out of guess who! They even procured him his favourite Radicchio!

We also discovered ‘Bagels and Beans’ situated on one of the corners next to the market. A drink and gluten free walnut slice – delicious! Yours truly took one look at the menu and it was a must to return for a try!