This afternoon Gratis completed her Rhein sojourn as she turned into the Rhein – Herne Canal. The widest we had been onto date, it easily handled two barges of twelve metre width and a small boat or two.

It was important to keep toward the back in these locks as the rush of water was significantly stronger with its swirling effects than those on the Mosel.

Although an industrial zone, the banks had been cleaned and were corridors of green with walking trails and so forth.

Barge traffic wasn’t as heavy as that on the Rhein at night, but still enough. Most slowed but a few rushed through creating a bit of rock and roll along the way.

Beware of barges running their engines with the prop engaged whilst moored upon their loading docks. Despite being some distance from the vessel, Gratis became caught in one of the whirlpools, and full engine throttle was required to keep her on track.

The Kaisergartens in Oberhausen were exceptionally popular with playgrounds for the children, seats for resting, walking paths and a lake within. People there until well into early hours of morning.

Over the day, mooring areas proved to many more than expected, which was a boon for the traveller at night.