In one word, the Hluhluwe animal park is ‘AWESOME’!!!!!!!


Up with the larks – the park opened at 5am , we returned for further exploration in the hope of sighting elephants and more…. Out came the 800mm.

This is a fantastic reference book to purchase for multiple park exploration, or a free individual map that has both Hluhluwe and Imfolozie.


Animals peacefully grazing upon the plains in the knowledge that except for the cheetahs, they were safe from harm.

With the cooler air of the morning, birds were aplenty. No room for a tripod in the tight confines of the car, propped upon the frame of the open window, the shot came out surprisingly well.

Across shallow running streams that were calling out for the summer rains.

It’s the large deep black, soft eyes of the deer that attract the eye.

 Water buffalo once more grazed the hinterland,  whilst others were found within the depleted waterholes.

Too slothful to climb the low hillock, this fellow lazily stretched his neck to reach the succulent shoots.

This slothful fellow lazed within a gluggy encasement of mud, cooling his heated skin.

 As we came in close contact with this bull, he showed his displeasure at the car’s noisy invasion of his peaceful world, whereas his mate couldn’t have cared less.

 Whilst a white rhino fed upon the luscious grass beside a rare pool,

 mother and baby lay encased in mud whilst baking in an old mud hole.

 One of the most entertaining sights was that of a rhino bathing. A drink first, then in she plodded….

Not a pretty sight, as thick gluggy mud adhered to her hide whilst she attempted her climb out of the pool.

 A chirpy little bird cheekily observed us as he set upon the feast provided by the insects upon the rhino’s toughest of hides.

 A quick check of the inner ear

 closely followed by another peek at we passing bystanders.

 Last, but not least, the zebras, gracefully loping up the steep hilly incline.

 A rapid glance to attain all was well and across the road they trotted.

Zebra Love

What an experience!