Morning upon us, it was time.

Time, that is, to deal with clearing the prop!

By using a knife attached to one of our metal poles,

Bob was most relieved when he managed to avoid a dive overboard into the murky brown waters.

After some serious carving,

he eventually pulled up a long piece of fabric, thereby freeing the prop once more.

With the engine on, a few thrusts back and forth showed there was enough power coming from the prop to enable the moving of Big G into the main harbour area.

Down to the lock that enabled entry,

a pull on the chain to activate,

a right hand turn soon after,

and we had entered the first of the marina areas.

A lefty took us into the main basin,

where a peaceful end mooring was found, and with our girl still proving quite sluggish to manoeuvre, with the assistance of some friendly boaties managed to bring take her alongside: it appeared there was still muck on the prop.