This afternoon, Bob and I drove along the Rhein to the south of Koblenz, first on the eastern bank, then the west to glean an insight into the lay of the land and to determine whether it would be worth a visit in the future. As always, the scenery blew us away. Very different to the gentle flow of the Mosel, here the Rhein raced between small islands and rocky banks through the steepest of gorges. Watching the bow waves created by the barges travelling upstream, one gleaned an idea of the mighty river’s power.

Through tiny villages, past the famous Lorelei Rock that towered 132 metres above us on its sheer slate bed precipice, where the river narrowed at Sankt Goarshausen.

Heinrich Herne is said to have brought it to fame in his poem, ‘Die Loreley’. According to the ‘legend’, a beautiful young lass, in despair over her lover’s faithlessness, leapt to her death in the Rhein. It is said that she was transformed into a seductress who enticed fishermen to their demise.

Not a lot of pics, and most from inside the car, but they give you an idea.

We shall certainly return to this magnificent mountainous region to carry out much more exploration. The intention is to motor Gratis to Switzerland (her next port of call for the stamp out of the European Union) then back to France. This will be the time!!!!