We headed out to enjoy a ride through Kortelake Nature Reserve. Situated just south of Geraardsbergen, sadly, we found that like those we had attempted to enter before, this too only allowed the cyclist to enjoy the periphery.

For those who, like Bob, can’t walk long distances this means missing out on enjoying some of the most beautiful sections of the landscape.

That aside, we still enjoyed partaking in the peaceful sights of the countryside.

With an incline of 10 degrees, there was a hill that almost rivalled yesterday’s Muur. Bob hates it when I zoom past with the assistant of my power boost.

Riding home along the banks of the Dender, we received a pleasant surprise. These black beauties are normally only found in Oz.

Then there was our shy old mate…..

This fella actually remained in place for a photo or two.

Then there was this gentleman out for a lazy afternoon saunter upon the Dender.