In search of an Orange (Telstra equivalent) Bob and I carried out a short exploration of the region closest to us.

Densely built up, the buildings are well cared for, such a difference to Rodrigues and Mauritius. Reminders of the country’s early years are evident, as large remnants of walls and structures utilised within the current.

Shops here are humungous, three times the size of K Mart. Food wise I am in heaven, with sheep cheese here like you wouldn’t believe! Walking into one of the shopping centres, a nougat shop was situated in what we would considered a highlight position. The size of the largest cheese blocks you see in the cheese shops, of every type imaginable. The mouth drooled at the sight and oh, how delicious they were!

The main highway circumnavigates the full island. Explosives were used to bring down mighty cliff faces in order to lay the road. Where rock falls are probable, the strongest of wires heavily attached, cover the mountainsides.

Leaving a mystical feel, thick low black cloud enshrouded the peaks and like fluffy pillows lowered to fill the valleys.

It’s small car heaven here, and a good thing too. Narrow roads with Kamikaze drivers who believe they own the road. Bob’s skills from racing are coming in handy.