Weather prediction.

Morning: mostly cloudy with some rain;

Afternoon: mostly cloudy with some sun.

11am, all looking good, off set we: destination, the church.

What was that?

A spot or two? It couldn’t be!

Looked up; pretty clear, a drop or two won’t hurt.

On to the church – yes, there was one on the list!

Doors locked? Looked at the sign. It’s closed and won’t open today.

Remember that rain free afternoon?

Well, down came the rain! Some shelter found, a few shops visited.

Rain stopped, onto the next church went we.


Sign on the door: ‘closed until 13:30’ said that note on the door. So much for the 11am opening!

What now? How about some lunch? Off set we.

Down poured the rain!

Arriving at Fellini’s, bike seats covered with bags, a scrumptious lunch had by all, down came more rain in a squall:

Or two, or three, or four. Or was it more???

Bob happily eating, a loud kersplash sounded forth behind.  Up leapt Bob!

Awnings water filled, unable to hold, had let forth!

Lunch completed, clouds depleted, ‘time to go’, chimed we three.

Destination? The tower, this time.

What happened to that sun?????????

Hardly underway, downpour blown in! Under cover went we, to watch that blasted rain!

Rain gone, altered plans, away once more:

No warning, you guessed it: a deluge spewed forth!

No shelter this time.

Over went Terry,

Where coats couldn’t cover,

Drenched became we.

And still the Heavens discharged.

Home went we: three drowned rats, as wet as could be!!!!!


Despite all, it was a pleasant day, and provided some laughs.