Clear skies, on we forged.

Past castles: it was possible to trace the length of the outer protective walls on this one.

Yachts, barges and tourist liners kept us busy.

The swans: couldn’t believe the numbers we saw!

The steam from nuclear power stations towered into the skies.

People at work.

A wave or two, or three.


Someone had created art for the water traveller to peruse.

A bird hide mid river??????

Port and starboard markers assisted in keeping all river travellers safe. They proved to be comfortable perches for a bird or two.


From around the bend appeared a line of boats: the next lock wasn’t far ahead.

This one didn’t survive the flood waters!

And, there it was!

Across flew a swan or two.

Boats in, up came the gates….

Down came the main door….

Then time to wait. We love these locks. Despite their size, they beat the challenge of those on the Midi!!

In all, another productive day.