The window for departing the Caribbean prior to the incoming Hurricane season becoming ever smaller, Barbados no good, a check of the weather and on to Martinique we headed. Winds light, it was more of an overnight motor than a sail. All one had to do was be aware of sudden wind gusts when travelling between St Lucia and Martinique.

The marina was well looked after and had excellent facilities. The people in the chandlers couldn’t help us enough with regards to procuring a cutlass bearing of the correct size – we will always travel with a spare from now on. After almost two weeks and much searching, they managed to find a replacement: at almost $1000 euro and an expected month before its arrival, Bob passed on the offer.

A phone call one Thursday to his son Damian in Adelaide, Australia, and the part in question was purchased, packaged, and mailed by courier the next morning. For just under $300AUD – for both part and postage, the parcel was here on that Tuesday afternoon – 4 days (not bad), and we went up on the slip the following morning.

11th May, a bit of an explore.

15th May, up on the slip: a heron came along for a feed.

16th May, adding more cleats. There can never be enough!

17th May, and we were off: destination France!!

Our wind vane which gave up the ghost between St Helena and Barbados – no fun relying on tell tales/wind vane or feeling for the wind direction – has been repaired.

Upon the water once more:

A nice island, but not one to which we will pay a return visit.