Sensational!!! Extraordinary!!!!

These are two of the words that one can use to describe this incredible museum.

Inaugurated in 1877, the collection initially consisted of 100 Indian instruments gifted to the Belgian king in 1876, and the purchase of musicologist, Francois – Joseph Fetis’ collection in 1872.

Initially used for the sole purpose of introducing and demonstrating early instruments to music students, today the museum houses in excess of 8,000 musical artefacts and the populace has the opportunity to view this incredible selection of musical history from all ages.

With thousands of original instruments, What also marks this as a museum worth visiting is the opportunity to hear close to two hundred musicals extracts that were played on instruments in the collection.

Artistically decorated,

this was probably the most eye catching of them all.

Photographs of instruments almost forgotten in play.

The Hurdy Gurdy: just loved the sound!

Instruments in weird and wonderful shapes.


And a little more of the experience:


3½ hours later, Bob foot sore, we finally departed the building.

To end the day, we came across this interesting clock hung across the road.