The Corona Virus was taking hold in Auckland and the regions south of the city. Now at level four restrictions, a quick motor into Paihia for a restock. The last of our condiments purchased, it was time to find a more comfortable anchorage – the ferries and boat traffic make the Paihia mooring a little rocky.

Motoring along, we realised it was the greens that are the most eye catching. After Australia’s olive greens and browns the colours of the Bay are almost iridescent and quite blinding: almost too green.

Then of course, there are the varieties of browns and black found within the rock faces: perfect for abstract art – if one happens to be close enough and not moving in order to capture it.

Arriving at Black Rock, Australis 1 was in sight of Whale Bay, previous anchorage. Here, Cliff turned the boat to port, and followed the inlet in past Moturua Island.

Not many nautical miles later, the waterway forked at the Brother’s Rocks.

To the right, was Puna Inlet, and this was our direction of voyage. Passing small bay after small bay in which anchorages abounded,

Australis 1 at last was pointed into the most peaceful Napuna Bay.

Devoid of boats, tiny beaches – at low tide, that was – were overlooked by two lone farmhouses, a few horses and a herd of cows.

Totally protected, this was our millpond for the night.