Paradise Cove, Urupukapuka Island to Awaawaroa Bay, Moturua Island

With a change approaching, the decision was made to motor the short distance across to the sheltered Awaawaroa Bay on Moturua Island.

Waiiti Bay, Bay of Islands

Making the most of the weather window, a dinghy ride took us around to Waiiti Bay Bay.

First, a shot of our beauty,

then around to the next bay,

followed by a slow meander along the cliff base where small cave inlets abounded.

Roots tenaciously gripped the trees to the hillsides.

On disembarking upon the beach, a steep climb led us upward.

Stopping alongside a small creek, we discovered there were birds galore. With the smaller lens the shots weren’t that close, but not too bad considering. With a only the wide angle lens, the shots weren’t great, but they were enough to glean an idea of what we were seeing.

North Island Saddleback,


silver eyes,

and more.

What a paradise!