We went on a motor to Nungnung Falls up in the mountains yesterday. So totally worthwhile.

On arrival a seemingly neverending run of stairs led downward. Moss, lichen, ferns in all shades of deep vibrant greens, with an occasional splash of red creating a break. Stop a while to take in the beauty: peace only broken by the occasional puff of a pedestrian, bird calls and the thundering roar of water.

A quarter of the way and we caught sight of our objective. Still above them in height, there was still a way to go, for the precipice of these falls was roughly one hundred meatres above the valley floor.

From the brige, we took in the force of the gushing muddy waters that still erode, creating an ever deeper valley.

A few hundred metres on and there it was. Incredible power of the water as it dove into its pool at the base of the drop. Air covered in fine mist created a mystical effect as the sunlight shone through.