Well, we travelled through the most exquisite of lush green meadow lands encased by thick dark green forests, to Oberammergau: home of the Passion Play. Situated in Bavaria, Deutschland, the town has a delightful feel.

Not a sound, other than the low talk of people in the evening, it was a delight to wander: a town that can not be missed by the traveller!

Add Linderhof – just a 15 minute drive down the road it was another must. The only castle completed by Mad King Ludwig, its richness inside matches that of the French, only on a smaller scale. Myself having visited the palace 20 years ago – when it was only known about by the bus companies rather than the masses, the only real disappointment was being unable to take photographs inside (and that was a minor issue overcome with the purchase of a couple of post cards). This was a must for Bob to see, and yes he did enjoy!