A few quick snapshots of our mooring area, and we were off.

Today the canal was tree lined with the occasional market garden, peat loading docks or waterway entering, to alter the landscape for a short while.

This sight gave us a bit of a laugh.

It was with a bit of disappointment, that we passed the Elisabethfehnknal at the 29km mark. That waterway would have taken us northward river free, and right through the centre of this region. Sadly, the depth of this canal is a low .90 of a metre.

A short distance further on between kilometres 38 and 39, with a lack of moorings, our hoped for stop at Saterland didn’t eventuate.

A half hour bike ride inland to Ramsloh, Bob and I had intended to visit the ‘Seelter Foonkieker’. Here we would have received a two – hour guided tour that would have introduced us to the Saterländer Westermoor, a landscape very different to those we have seen to date.

The decision was made to continue to Dörpen and just enjoy the motor. Overall, this was a quiet tract of water, with minimal traffic in either direction and no locks until Dörpen.