Ten kilometres from Roubaix is Parc du Heron.

This park forms a small section of what is entitled ‘The Eurometroplis Blue Park’. Crossing the French, Wallonian and Flemish borders, this initiative encompasses more than 150 metropolises.

Covering in excess of five thousand kilometres of waterways and green landscapes, the ‘blue park is the result of a desire to create an unbroken cross – border space between residents, water and nature. A cross – border landscape which is accessible on foot, by bike or by boat, without any borders or obstacles’ (from: The Eurometropolis Blue Park cycling route guide:Eurometropole. Lille – Kortrijk – Tornai. Publisher: Loic Delhuvenne 2019 edition).

Back to the Parc du Heron, incorporating bicycle and walking paths, play areas for children, grassed picnic areas, a lake where water activities took place and birds dwelt,

this was the best park area Bob and I had come across during our European travels. We thoroughly enjoyed the day.


Interesting Fact

That famous French engineer, Vauban, was the first to consider the concept of a canal connecting the l’Escaut and Duele via the River Marque and town of Roubaix.


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