Mid-afternoon, Gratis entered the gentle swirls of the eastern coast of South Africa once more. What wind there was came from the South – upon the nose.

With sea swirls flowing beneath, we were entertained by a mama Pacific gull educating her fledglings in ocean flying.

Off, she would take, only to land a short distance ahead.

Patiently, she waited, as her brood pondered. One brave bubs would spread his wings, then with a leap sprang from the water. A few hundred metres, and down he would go, completing his act with a clumsy duck dive – beak first.

Only then, would his siblings join in. All having landed, there was no rest for the wicked, as their mother promptly took flight once more – each time increasing the distance a little further.

At last the bubs flew……

Surprise, surprise!!!! A lone seal sauntering and lazily surfing the swells.

An occasional pause for a quick peek around.