Clendon Cove to Paihia

More gas and fresh foods required, a motor – winds just didn’t play fair for us – into Paihia.

Winds 6-9kn when we awoke increased to 15kn as Australis 1 departed. Exiting the protection of the bay, true wind was, in actuality, 24kn+. Oh to raise the sails. Perfect conditions for our girl, Australis 1 would have delighted in the freedom.

Thankfully Paihia was relatively protected, but the incoming swell meant some rocking and rolling. Requiring a water top up, the decision was made to wait until morning, when winds would be much lighter.

This was the night’s anchorage once more. Afternoon delight was a stunning rainbow stretching across the firmament. Yes, the clouds were breaking, denoting a return to calmer conditions.