Hours prior to our departure, we were entertained by a sizeable fish acquiring his underwater breakfast. The unsuspecting morsel sighted, he stealthily stalked his prize through the murky waters. Without warning, the hunter burst forth in a flash of speed, in a blur of motion capturing its prey between razor sharp teeth. With jaws creating a vice like grip upon its tail, the prisoner had no avenue of escape as his captor remained tenaciously clamped to him from the rear, until at last tail and body gruesomely parted company. Tail consumed, the predator leisurely meandered, following the trail of the remains of its now immobilised victim as it descended ever deeper into the gloomy depths.

09:00 the marina departed, Gratis’ bow pointed ocean ward, we soon settled into the rhythm once more.

This proved to be another of those trips where sail changes were frustratingly numerous. By nightfall, as result of fickle winds various combinations had been attempted: the island was creating its own wind pattern.

A first since departing Adelaide, a large school of dolphins, including an albino who was starkly noticeable, raced through the waves to dart and play at the bow.

What a sight, as they leapt and twirled, prior to accelerating to then veer off and disappear beneath the waters.

The gentle swish swash of water as it passed beneath the hull, lulled one into a relaxed state of mind on the brink of slumber.

Evening upon us, with the setting of the sun, a drying and cooling of the air took place, the skies cleared and Reunion’s night lights lit the horizon like a multi coloured Christmas tree.