What a night, as squall upon squall swept over us from the north east. Winds blowing at thirty plus knots, saw us heading out more than once to further reef the Gennie and make adjustments to the sheets.

We were the fortunate ones last night, for upon the distant horizon we were spectators to a spectacular lightning show. Those boats sailing ahead of us were caught within its midst for endless hour upon hour. With lightning hits nearby, a few experienced electrical equipment failure, but nothing too drastic -it could have been much worse.

Surrounded by never ending squalls, sloppy seas made for an interesting day and the engine burst to life in order to maintain speed.

The updated weather forecasts texted through via the satellite phone from Damian were a handy tool, as were the passing ships. This day, Pacific Garnett, was contacted for the latest weather report: an incoming intense low was being tracked as it moved South Africa bound: it was a constant in our thoughts.

The yacht, Alumni, caught and passed us over night. A busy seas, was this route.