This was the day we hired a scooter in order to glean an idea of travelling times and the road state.

The main roads turned out to be be in excellent condition, whilst those lesser used were well patched an incredibly bumpy – I found bruises in the most unexpected of places at the end of the day!!!

From the higher peaks, the sight of the coral bay that surrounds the island was awe inspiring.

Colours are rich and vibrant. Although not the easiest to reach, this truly is a place well worth taking the time and effort to visit.

In the river estuaries that led into the mountains,

crabs of brilliant hues resided and

tropical flowers bloomed nearby.

From the cliff face one looked northwards across the wide expanse of the Indian Ocean,

whilst an open country side shepherds tended their flocks rose gradually into the mountains behind .

Green valleys were the food bowl.

Fishing boats lay at anchor and

an island retreat provided a much needed drink.

There was time for a selfie

and a halt to enjoy the view.